Sexual Trauma Survivors...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Sexual trauma is devastating and can impact your life in so many ways! 




What I hear survivors say over and over again, is that they:


  • have trouble navigating life with flashbacks, triggers and nightmares
  • battle with depression and anxiety
  • have lingering guilt and shame because of their trauma
  • don't know what to do with the anger they feel
  • have low self esteem
  • find it hard to stay present 
  • have issues setting and maintaining boundaries
  • struggle in romantic relationships
  • have issues surrounding sex and sexuality


They tell me, "I just want to feel normal again!"

 If any of those statements describe your journey, there is help!

I am Danielle McFarlin, and I help sexual trauma survivors find a way from despair to wholeness.


Allow me to hold your hand across the bridge to healing so that you: 


  • Enhance your feelings of safety
  • Develop a support plan for when the going gets tough
  • Take back your power and find the courage to face your shadow 
  • Reclaim your voice and learn to effectively communicate your needs and feelings
  • Reconnect with the joy and peace that are your birthright
  • Enhance your ability to TRUST again by strengthening your discernment
  • Experience healthier relationships with your partner, children, family and friends
  • Enjoy sex with full presence
  • Break out of the isolation so you can experience a full and satisfying life


What others are saying



Danielle has helped me heal in so many ways!

She was able to accurately determine that my alcoholism was directly linked with my childhood trauma and helped me to positively navigate through all my PTSD in a gentle and compassionate way.  She was consistently available for me during my shadow work and her understanding of Curanderismo and energy work is astounding to say the least.

Thank you, Danielle, my GuruDeva, for helping me through my most difficult times!

I highly recommend Danielle to help anyone who is ready to heal themselves and live a healthy and balanced life.