I am Danielle McFarlin; sexual trauma healing coach, psychedelic guide, TEDx speaker, and Curandera.


I help survivors take back their power, and offer guidance for loved-ones who want to support and advocate for us.


The wounds of sexual abuse cut deep and can have lasting effects, long after the events occur:


  • Depression, anxiety, panic and terror
  • Hopelessness, despair, isolation
  • Addiction, substance abuse, compulsion 
  • Suicidal ideation, dissociation, helplessness
  • Obsession or aversion towards sexual relationships


If you’re feeling stuck in any of these places, you are not alone. I’ve been there and am here to offer hope. I believe, through courageous and deep self-inquiry, you too can shine a light on your path of healing. 



As a coach, I combine 20 years experience in the medical field with a lifetime of integration practice, infusing western knowledge with holistic wisdom. 



As an ultrasound tech in several OB/GYN clinics I saw how emotional wounds can become “stuck” in the body, leading to physical symptoms in the reproductive system. Serving as an X-Ray tech in a trauma hospital taught me to stay calm and hold space for people in active crisis. 


These skills were strengthened when I trained as rape crisis advocate through Southern AZ Center Against Sexual Assault (SACASA), then assisted women through pregnancy crisis at Reach Out Woman's Center.


In 2017 I was Master of Ceremonies for an annual event held by Take Back the Night, an organization with a mission to end sexual violence, abuse, and harrassment.


In 2018, I was featured on Arizona Illustrated, and became co-host for the Flame and Bone Storyhealing Circle, where participants rewrite old stories of the psyche into new stories of empowerment.



I have hosted intensive healing retreats for sexual trauma survivors and am developing a retreat center in the desert of New Mexico,

where survivors are invited to rest, release, and heal with the support of me and my team. (Learn more)


In addition to working one-on-one with clients, I host Support and Integration Healing for Survivors of Sexual Trauma on Zoom,

where survivors are invited to share, explore and grow within the support of community.


*While the nature of my work is therapeutic, I am not a therapist and my services are not a replacement for mental health therapy. 


My Story


In 2017, nine months before the #metoo movement ignited, I shared my survivor story, Exalted: From Victim to Warrior, at TEDx Tucson’s Imagine Conference.

This step helped me release the grip of my past and finally stop rehashing details. I could now work from the present moment. 


It took a lot of courage to get to that point.  


A pivotal moment in my healing journey was during my last suicide attempt, at 20 years old. I induced an overdose and, while existing in this in-between state of consciousness,

I saw a figure of white light come to me and say “You cannot leave yet. You still have work to do''.

I immediately purged all the pills I’d swallowed and realized, “I didn’t survive all that I’d been through to leave now. I want to stay and do this work” 


Part of that work came later, at age 33, when my body rejected the breast implants I’d received at 28. They were poisoning me. I couldn’t eat.

I wasn’t digesting food and was violently ill several nights each week. I realized that I hadn’t fully processed what had happened to me… and it was killing me.


Removing the implants caused me to reflect on why I’d gotten them in the first place; a longing to be “desirable”, to feel seen, and a belief that I existed for the sexual pleasure of men.

I began creating a new framework for the abused parts of myself. I learned to eat again, this time in a way that nourished my body. I learned to walk in a way that supports my physical structure and,

most importantly, I learned to talk to myself in a gentle and compassionate way. 


My body was the “least sexy” it had ever been and yet I came to love my scarred and sacred breasts

more than I ever had before. I forged a new relationship with my SELF, separate from men and the outside world.


I am in a very different place now, AND this journey still takes courage, every day. 


I run my coaching business out of my home in Tucson, AZ where I get to spend time with my two, amazing, teenage boys.

I share a sacred partnership, with an incredible man, that is based in heart-centered intimacy and healthy communication.

Currently, we are collaborating on a multi-acre, homestead and retreat center in the desert of New Mexico. Click here for more details


My Core Values


 Courage:  Healing our sexual trauma takes courage, every step of the way

Service: I am here to serve in the healing of our collective wounds, and to help others cross the bridge to healing

Integrity:  My work is focused on the actions we can take today. If you need assistance working through your past, I can work in conjunction with your therapist and support system

Growth: I am committed to continual growth and healing so I may expand my ability to serve.


Fun Stuff


I’m happiest when my hands are covered in paint… or dirt. 

In my free time you can find me reading, writing, playing music, creating art and sitting in my harp chair. 

Hot springs are my happy place and the outdoors are a sacred balm for me.